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Learn how to apply to MICA’s online Master of Professional Studies programs.

To apply to the M.P.S. programs, applicants are asked to submit the following:

MICA is proud to support veterans in their educational pursuits. Ask us about veterans’ benefits that may support continuing your education.

* The portfolio is an optional, but important component of the application package. We admit students from a wide range of academic and professional backgrounds, and utilize the portfolio to access the applicant’s ability to create, solve, and produce. Often, an exceptional portfolio can offset a lower G.P.A. or less work experience. Please note we do not have a specific portfolio format in mind, and encourage applicants to submit any and all deliverables that demonstrate creativity, problem-solving aptitude and attention to detail. Those without a portfolio are still encouraged to apply, as a large portion of the curriculum is dedicated to building or enhancing each student’s portfolio.